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Our School

Basic Information

Head of School: PaedDr. Zuzana Butler
  • Study Programmes: International Baccalaureate (candidate school), 8-years study, 5-years study
  • Number of students: 680
  • Number of employees: 82


The Grammar School on Pankuchova Street in Petržalka in Bratislava celebrated the 25th anniversary of its founding in 2017. During that time, it has undergone various phases and changes and it has successfully adapted to the requirements of the time and remained competitive.

The beginnings of the grammar school date back to the 1990s, when there was still a primary school. Around 1990, the idea of setting up a grammar school was born. The first classes started from September 1st, 1992. The school started with both a four-year and eight-year study program, each with two classes, with a maximum of 34 pupils in each class.

Interest in the grammar school was considerable, which was also helped by the focus of the school. In the beginning it was mathematics and physics, biology and chemistry, then for a period also physical education and sport; with a focus on ecology and foreign languages. Other schools also expressed interest in the school ecological project, for which the school had developed its own textbooks (approved by the Ministry of Education).

After Slovakia joined the EU, the school started with bilingual study. Initially, this study was part of an eight-year grammar school and later this was transformed into five-year bilingual studies. As well as subjects such as Biology, Chemistry or Geography taught in English, the school also offers the subject European Studies in English, which is not only conversation in English, but also education in various sciences or history within Europe and the world. The course was initially created as a project of cooperation with schools in Vienna, the Czech Republic and Budapest, and later became a fully-fledged part of the study with its own textbooks.


The aim of the school is to create and implement a comprehensive system of language education from the first year of primary school through to graduation. Gymnázium Pankúchova 6 is planning to be become an IB Candidate School. By implementing the International IB Program, we can improve the quality of teaching through the standards and procedures used in the IB Program. The IB offers a continuum of three international educational programs that support students’ personal and academic achievements that they experience in both learning and personal development.

We believe that the formation of positive attitudes of pupils towards language education and their active involvement in the practical use of acquired language skills will be reflected in the knowledge and abilities of graduates of Gymnázium Pankúchova 6 in Bratislava.


Gymnázium Panakuchova 6 is proud of pupils who have been successful in regional, national and international rounds of various competitions and who have also won first places, for example in the competition Mladá slovenská poviedka (Young Slovak Novel), a Slovak literary competition Škultétyho rečňovanky or Štúrov Zvolen. The school is also successful in the field of natural sciences, in competitions of Physics or Chemistry, Geography or History, as well as sports competitions or competitions of Students’ Professional Activities.

We are also proud of our graduate, Viktor Kačmár, who was awarded the title of French-speaking knight from the French embassy.

University Study

We emphasize the preparation of our students for university studies.

Ecological Activities

Various ecological activities are  part of our lives everyday, we implement the Ecological Project under the patronage of the Ministry of Education SR a ŠPÚ.

Student Council

We have a student council that is rich in activities, we organize social events for students (primations, matriculations and others) and we participate in various humanitarian events


We have rich friendships with foreign schools (Czech Republic, Austria), we organize sports events, trips and excursions (also abroad).

Successful Representation

Our students have been achieving excellent results in various subject and sports competitions for a long time.

Nature School

We organize Nature Schools, ski courses in attractive areas of Slovakia.