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After School Club (AFC)

The role of After School Club (AFC)

School Club PANKUCHÁČIK is a place where up to 140 children spend their free time in four different departments. AFC club at Spojená škola, Pankúchova 7 is determined for children from grade 1 to grade 4. The time after school is filled with opportunities to engage in a variety of meaningful activities. The children are engaged in different activities that not only entertain them but also fulfill and enrich them.

There is a wide range of benefits for children to be involved in creative activities. The benefits include development of talent, aesthetic awareness and a relationship with nature and all living things. Social, emotional and well-being activities teach children to love their country (patriotism) as well as to be responsible and respectful of others and themselves. Sport activities help children to develop and improve their movement skills, discipline, perseverance and flexibility.

Although nowadays in the time of pandemic most of the activities are limited, the children in after-school club have a rich program every day thanks to the creativity and imagination of our after-school teachers who take care of the children with love and dedication.

It is very important for the children to develop their fine motor skills and be independent with self-care in year 1. To develop these skills, the children practice some activities every day such as cutting and sticking, modelling, painting, as well as dining in our school canteen or tidying the classroom. The older children are not exempt from these activities and the younger ones often learn from them.

At school we use an interactive whiteboard which is very beneficial as it supports teaching and helps to improve the children’s English which is our priority in communication. We aim to be environmentally friendly at school by recycling and reusing materials. We can be creative and make different objects and presents from these materials that will make other people happy. The fact that we recycle our waste is not a coincidence. We learn to care for and love our environment and each other. In our after-school club there is always a fun and friendly atmosphere. Every child is unique, supported and treated with respect, love and sensitivity.

The school and after school club is a place where we learn life and problem solving skills. Everyone has an equal opportunity to develop and improve their skills, to learn and to explore new things.  Every child has a chance to express their opinions, emotions and needs. Every child has a right to feel happy, accepted and important in our after-school club.

The best reward and feedback for our after-school teachers is when a child does not want to leave and desires to come back because they feel safe, happy and satisfied in our environment. We are pleased that we have been able to create such a wonderful environment for children and we look forward to spending more days with them. School and after school club can be a child’s second home…

We believe that our school is really like this. Just ask your children! 😊

Just like during the morning classes, in the after-club the teachers and the students adhere to the approaches and principles based on the IB programme philosophy.

After-school club is a part of the elementary school and its main mission is to:

  1. Provide children recreation and relaxation after classes.
  2. Allow children to spend their free time in the form of interest-based and recreational activities.
  3. Help children satisfy and develop their cultural needs and diverse interests.
  4. Guarantee health and safety measures before, during and after classes.

The values adhered to in the after-school club:

  1. Liberty
  2. Humanity
  3. Education

The values are interdependent. Each of them represents a set of rights and duties.

AFC – duties

AFC is open whole school year, except from state and school holidays. AFC is open as follow:

Morning Club: from 6:30am – 7:40am 

Afternoon Club: from 1:30pm – 3:50pm

Closing Club: from 4:00pm – 5:00pm

For the school year  2022/2023 we have 7 classes and each class has its own AFC teacher.

Class AFC teacher Number of students
1.PYP A Bc Miriam Ježeková 20
1.PYP B Mgr. Ivetka Higgins 20
2.PYP A Mgr. Barbora Lukáčová 20
2.PYP B Nikhil Pawar 20
3.PYP A Ing. Marián Makva 20
3.PYP B Mgr. Pavol Holák 20
4.PYP Ing. Michaela Píšová 20



Student Enrollment Form/Zápisný lístok

Request to cancel the child’s registration from AFC/Žiadosť o odhlásenie dieťaťa z ŠKD/

Payments for AFC for school year 2023/2024